Core Beliefs

I have some pretty definate ideas about the internet and web development. I think in the web world form follows function just like it does in the "real world". You can put the body of a Ferrari on a Nova but that doesn't make it go fast and frankly it's a waste of time and money. If you want a Ferrari buy one, but keep in mind that both will get you around town.

Don't let design fashion overwhelm you, some of the most sophisticated and complex sites on the internet are dead simple. What defines elegance is simplicity of line, that's what makes Coco Chanel and Givenchy timeless designers.

If you want glitz and eye candy I can give it to you but that's not what's going to make your website successful. Planning, content, navigation, marketing, reliable hosting and service are what make a web site successful. The design is just the body, on the highway its performance that counts but on the web that means fast loading, clear navigation and useful content.



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