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Three Kites

Three kites up

Three down

The first twirled

two spools out

and dove

into the pondond.


The second lost its tail

tangled in a tree

loosed its self

spun up


spun down



The third tails flying

got threes spools up

broke its tether

and took off


She ran across the field

with kite two flapping

above her feusia hair

spring skirt dancing

with the grass

but its wings were broken,

Had I mentioned

†††† How strong the wind was


So we packed up

the broken kite

in the trunk

and drove off

drove away

drove fast

drove faster

and faster


There was nothing to say

the wind was too strong

the wind, the wind

the wind took them

broke them


And we like the fallen kites

driven to earth

fell faster

and faster



The wind

the wind had taken us

and broken us

We understood

there was nothing to say


We drove faster

windows open

hair fluttering

careening over the hills

and curves

down, down

down from the mountains


The tether broken


in the roar of the wind

we flew away


††††† hapless

victims of spring


Then suddenly

up came the ground

crash, stop, flutter

string broken

She walked away

flower dress dancing

and she didnít look back


And I, I drove away

faster, faster

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† up up up

into the hills

†††††† the wind had died away

twilight had settled through the sky

faster, faster

up into the darkness


Spiraling, dipping, crashing,

into the pond

cool and silent and still

folding over me

down, down to the muddy bottom

nestled in with last autumns leaves


And the broken one we saved

flutters and rustles

in the trunk