Travel Log to Spain

So I'm on my way to Spain, actually been in Spain, actually been sitting in this empty station for about half an hour (pictured below). We're moving now, suspect it had something to do with the police walking through a few times, luckily they didn't recognize me, guess the photos of me leaving the casino haven't reached them yet. The day started by driving to Avignon to drop off the rental car, and explain the odd scratch on the rear fender, of course I can't tell them what really happened, so I say it was a parking accident. Idoubt the guys at the roadblock really got a good look at me anyway, so that went fine once I found the place. Got the train to somewhere to connect to train to Barcelona, young american kids backpacking, sweet, but a bit suspesious of my friendlyness, don't blame them, end up talking to a young French woman who is a teacher at a small college, we had very interesting conversation about American culture and the Global Village, etc. People here very curious about how Americans see themselves, they watch old tv shows, that we don't even have as reruns, and movies, and cnn and god knows what else, and from that perspective we look really weird, and I haven't even touched on GW and cowboy diplomacy. So now about 2hrs from Barcelona and the train is slowing down again, lady needed help with bags atleast I think that is what she wanted, I opened the door and she kept talking so I took her bag towards the door and this round little man jump in the car and grabed it from me, I hope he wasn't stealing it. Well we're off again, and I'm going for a coffee and a walk.

Battery went down, but had a spare, 5hr battery best investment I made besides the computer its self, so these are some pictures out the window, duh. and an hour from Big B, will write more when I get there.
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